Selling shoutouts on your instagram page: A Best Practices guide

IGShoutout – Best Practices

Instagram is a community where people of the world can share life’s beautiful moments on the go. Staying true to your account’s content integrity is important. Your followers followed your account for a reason, if you post spam or content that does not match your account’s tone, it may make them feel more inclined to hit that big green “unfollow” button on your page.


  • Post high quality image submissions which don’t contain too much overlaid or spammy text
  • Limit the amount of paid posts per day. Mix it up and go days without posting anything paid or sponsored.
  • Post high quality image submissions which stay true to your account’s tone and niche.


  • Post low quality image submissions which contain contain material your followers wouldn’t enjoy

If you are following a fashion Instagram account, and they post a shoutout promotion that relates to hunting knives and accessories, you might be more inclined to unfollow than say, a shoutout for a teeth whitening product.


  • Leave the post on your page for AT LEAST the duration stated in the order details. You can track the remaining duration that the photo/video has to be uploaded to your page by visiting the order details page for that given order.

5 Must Have Apps to Propel your Instagram marketing efforts

Smartphone with cloud of application icons

There are countless smartphone applications available on the Apple App Store, and Google Play that can enhance the Instagram experience. Narrow it down to a few dozen, and you have yourself some apps that can seriously streamline and benefit your instagram marketing efforts. Whether it is to improve cooperative communication, or to handle and disperse your assets and media, The practical applications are truly endless.

But which apps are a must have for instagram and business? For me personally, over the last three years of Instagram marketing, these are the top 5 apps I have found to be the most useful and effective:  Read more